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Daniel PhendDaniel Phend is the Master Herbalist for one of the largest leading herbal companies in America, a nationally recognized holistic practitioner and the President of Future Body Sciences, Inc. an herbal supplement company dedicated to assisting health professionals in bringing light through education into their communities, providing new quality products and services that will assist them in truly improving the quality of the lives they touch, and lastly, being a leader in the future of health strategies for tomorrow’s health conditions… But Daniel’s story doesn’t begin here.

Beginning at 9 yrs of age, Daniel began his schooling under many of the great naturopathic forefathers of our time, including Soloman Wickey, Dr. Bernard Jensen (father of iridology), Dr. Christopher. Fifteen years later Daniel was studying phytopharmacology, and, upon realizing the potential plant life has to heal and restore the many complex systems of the human body, resolved to dedicate his life to developing herbal formulas that help others. Many other forefathers left a lasting imprint on Daniel’s life during this time, including Daniel Clark, Dr. Minick, Dr. Hawver and Dr. Watkins. Dr. Watkins taught Daniel to read herbs like sheet music, where each individual herb is a crucial instrument with a vital part to play in the performance of a completed formula, much like the performance of a full orchestra. For over a quarter century Daniel has dedicated his life to doing just that by practicing natural medicine, disease prevention and health education, and is at the cutting-edge of his field.

Daniel, at present time, is headquartered in the quiet recesses of Amish country in Northern Indiana. He has three established locations in his nation-wide holistic practice and is currently working on establishing a fourth extension in central Texas. Daniel regularly sees clients who come to him from all over the United States with numerous serious health challenges. He uses his vast knowledge of anatomy, intricate biochemistry and endo-immunology, as well as cutting-edge technology to develop unique protocols for each client that set them on a firm path to a better quality of life.

In addition to his clinical practice, Daniel oversees Future Body Sciences lnc., the primary distributor for the “Clear” Line™ of herbal blends that he specifically and uniquely formulated to detoxify and cleanse the body’s primary detoxification organs. Using functional chemistry as his guide, Daniel formulated the “Clear” Line™ over a period of 13 years for the expressed purpose of safely and effectively freeing the body of its toxic load and allowing restoration to occur. Daniel uses these herbal formulas regularly in his practice, and attributes much of his clinical success to the proper application of these formulas to the body’s detoxification needs.

Daniel is currently skilled and certified as a Master Herbalist trained in Phytopharmacology, Neurobiofeedback Specialist, Iridologist, Reflexologist, Clinical Nutritionist, Chemistry Coach, and Scenar & Zyto Therapist. Daniel is an aromologist skilled in the clinical application of essential oils and was trained as a muti-disciplined body worker, who, with fifteen years of experience, has worked on the most challenging of cases. He is also a Level 4 certified electro-acupuncture technician trained in the original Dr. Vall E.A.V. testing method. In addition, Daniel is a national lecturer and speaker, holding educational workshops nationwide as the National TrueRife Educator.


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  1. Did business with you before now had prostate removed 16 months ago because of cancer and PSA has been 0 since but have ED problem and Vista does not do the job so need some help if you can.

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