Patient Requirements

Fill out completely 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment:

Health Consultant Status Form

Cancer Questionnaire, if applicable, where you have been diagnosed with cancer.

Bring the following with you to your appointment:

• Most recent blood test results.
• Lab tests (if applicable) such as: MRI, CAT scan, surgery reports, or Physician’s statements.

Requirements for the SCIO/EPFX Session:

  1. Please wear only cotton clothing with minimal metal fastenings.
  2. Please have all jewelry removed before your session.
  3. Please no cell phone in our office. You will be asked to turn it off or remove it from our office.
  4. Please do not eat for four hours before your session.
  5. Please do not take any nutritional supplements the day of your appointment. Continue with your allopathic medications as directed by your physician.
  6. Please do not have coffee or any other caffeinated products twelve hours prior to your session.
  7. If you wear a wig, please bring a cotton head scarf for coverage as you will be asked to remove it during the session.
  8. Please do not wear any lotion or essential oils on the day of your appointment.
  9. Please bring in your current nutritional supplements that you are taking.

How long should I plan to be in the office for my appointment?

It is our sincere desire to stay on time; however, delays occur when the unexpected happens. In handling a multitude of health challenges, which at times can be of a serious nature, it will require our additional attention. Pleas bear with us and know that we are making every effort necessary for optima health. You should plan on setting aside 3-3 1/2 hours total for the process of checking in, the session itself, the lifestyle review plan and the checkout process.